Automated Storage And Retrieval System


  1. Serves upto 20m rack height
    Increased space utilisation

  2. Use of telescopic forks
    Very narrow aisle operation, saves floor space

  3. Fast speed operation
    Very high throughput rate, more efficiency

  4. Cabin controlled operation
    Makes storage and retrieval quick, also enables order picking

  5. ASRS compatibility for computerised ware house management
    Complete automation possible

Stores cube utilisation
a) Manual storing methods
b) Using ladder or forklift
c) Multiple storage systems
d) Using stores stacker

Less space more access
The Stores Stacker Crane utilises all available height of stores area. It can be designed to serve racks upto 20 mtrs. height. Stores Stacker combines operating

efficiency with maximising the throughput per square metre of space. Suitable for today's competitive manufacturing, processing and distribution centres.
Rack supported ware house can be built by cladding the racks externally from all the sides. Thus there is no need of constructing stores building.

The benefits are many:

•     Maximum utilisation of space
•     Higher storage capacity
•     Direct access to each storage unit
•     Reduced manpower
•     Higher product picking rates
•     Reduced product damages
•     Lower operating and maintenance cost