Automated Storage And Retrieval System

Floor operated stacker cranes

  1. Serves upto 8 m rock height with narrow aisle
    Maximum utilisation of floor and space area

  2. No derating of capacity at any level
    Ease of operation to keep any load anywhere

  3. Double deep and multi aisle storage system
    Increased storage capacity

  4. 360° turntable for rotation
    Permits rotation in narrow aisle

  5. Fully electrical system
    Lower operating and maintenance cost

The stacker cranes are used for high density storage of material. The goods to be handled are kept on pallets or in bins and stacked in high racks. Each individual pallet can be used/retrieved independently, in any order, without disturbing other stored pallets.


  1. Rugged structural steel construction.
  2. Single crane can serve multiple aisles/racks.
  3. Materials can be stored / retrieved in any order.
  4. Safe operations with improved accessibility.
  5. Lft capacity of 1000 and 2000 kgs.
  6. Approx. 50-60% saving of floor space.
  7. Reduced storage / retrieval time.
  8. High density of storage achieved.

Storage system
In floor operated stacker crane the operator operates the crane standing on the shop floor. The storage consists of high racks upto 8 meter (max.) height. The last loading level of pallet being at 6.5 meter (max). due to visibility limitations. Racks are segmented into horizontal bays and vertical tiers.

The stacker crane is an electrically operated equipment proven in use in rugged industrial environments. It is a single operator system designed to handle different types of loads on pallet5 (certain loads can be directly stacked).

The equipment has a fork attached to the vertical masts. These masts at the upper end are connected to a turn table which enables circular motion. The whole assembly is suspended on an overhead doub'e girder. FLAME PROOF versions in lt/2t models are avaiabIe on request.

Circular: The turn table at the upper end of the mast facilitates 360 degree rotation in steps of 90 degrees.
Long travel: The two ends of overhead double girders are supported on a pair of end carriages. The end carriages runs on rails laid throughout the length of the racks. This motion can be manual or motorised. The rails can be supported on racks or on 8CC columns
Cross travel: The assembly with turn table can be moved across the entire length of the overhead double girder. This enables crane movement across rows of racks. Consequently same stacker can now service multiple rows of racks This motion can be manual or motorised.
Hoisting: Load is handled with the fork provided. A motor is provided to lift/lower the load. Overload clutch provided in models.

Electric chain hoist:
  1. Well known "Indef" brand using very high factor of safety (16 for I Ton capacity.)
  2. FREE FALL LIMITER, in case of chain failure to limit free fall to max. 500 mm.
  3. Upper and lower limit switches for hoist, limits switches for long travel and chain guides are standard supply.
  4. Integral fail safe brake.
  5. Grade 80 Alloy Chain.

Capacity: 1000/2000 kgs.(including pallet)
Heightof racks: 8M max. (6.5M highest loading level)
Length of racks: Custom built to any length
Span: 20M / (max.)
Hoisting speed: Motorised 4.8M/ min.
Long travel speed: Manual / motorised 15 M / min
Cross travel speed: Manual / motorised 6 M / min
Circular motion: Manual / motorised
Multiple aisle system
This is facilitated by cross travel motion. As the assembly with turn table can be moved across the entire length of the double girder. The same stacker can now serve multiple rows of racks. Cross travel motion can be man uaJ or motorised. The crane can serve any other rack by moving out of the present aisle, cross travelling and then entering the appropriate aisle of rack which is to be served. The number of rows of racks served by a single crane, depends primarily on the throughput requirement of the storage system. Other factors are rack depth and aisle width between racks. Maximum span is 20M.

Safe to handle, 24 volts push button station mounted on mast with emergency stop.
Electrical interlocking to prevent conflicting commands. Electrical supply 415 V, 3 phase, 50 cycles AC.

• We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice