Chain Electric Hoist

Heavy duty wire rope hoist - Model - WRH I, II, III

  1. Heavy duty class IV robust design
    Smooth operation even in toughest of application.

  2. Manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified company
    Assured quality and interchangeability of parts.

  3. Truly modular constructor
    Easily accessible separate brake, motor, drum, gear box & panel unit.

  4. Seamless pipe accurately machined rope drum
    Long life

  5. Unique and sturdy rope guide arrangement
    Prevents rope slackening and easy change of rope

  6. Precision machine cut case-hardened alloy steel gears
    Noiseless operation longlife

  7. Fail safe disc brake
    Trouble free operation and ease of adjustment

  8. Built in control panel with std. electricals
    Ready to use.

Add on features:

  1. Remote control, VVVF drive, special lower blocks, PLC.
  2. Multiple hoist tandom automated operation.
  3. Flame proof models.


◊  Higher travelling speed of 26 m/min. can be offered.
** For 7.5T / 10T capacity trolley is not adjustable at site - exact flange width (within 140 to 210 mm) to be given.
*  Add 125 mm if CT with brake (Brake is at extra cost.)
+ Applicable for creep speed model only.
   For monorails stiffened width plates, please check up for operating clearance in trolley.
⌋ Check 'I' Beam mounting arrangements, trolley plates will project 10 mm above 'I' beam.
Model available only for flame proof design.