Automated Storage And Retrieval System

Roll out racks


Total capacity : 25 Tons
Topfixed shelf (1 no..) : 5 Tons
Side sliding trays (4x2nos.) : 2OTons
Capacity per sliding tray : 2.5Tons
Handle force required for cranking : 25 Kgs.
CC flooring (mm. 150mm. depth) : 15/20 Tons / M2

Roll out rack is a compact storage equipment, ideal for long bars, channels, flats, pipes and tubes. It stores material vertically upto 5 levels freeing most of the stores area for other useful purpose. The stores is organised and occupies lesser area, as compared to other conventional storage systems. ROR increases productivity, since each item can be accessed individually without disturbing other stored material. All item in ROR, can be accessed independently in FIFO manner or any desired order. All material in ROR have to loaded or removed by overhead crane.


ROR is made of structural steel. It has one fixed shelf at the top, having a capacity 5 tons. And it has four sliding trays each on two sides having capacity of 2.5 tons per tray. Individual hand cranking arrangements for each sliding trays are provided at one end of the ROR to move the trays individually.

The sliding tray arrangement makes the system extremely easy to use and operate, as compared to other welded structures or the commonly used tree structure. For handling material from sliding trays, the desired tray is extended out by cranking its respective hand crank. Each sliding tray moves individually without disturbing other sliding trays or the fixed top shelf. After the sliding tray is extended the desired material is conveniently lifted or lowered by overhead crane.

As there is no overhead obstruction over ROR, material in the top fixed shelf can be handled directly via overhead crane. Oversized loads can be conveniently stored on the top fixed shelf.

All sliding trays are provided with gravity operated locking links which locks hand cranks shaft after the tray is driven inside ROR and the cranking handle isremoved. This prevents accidental sliding of trays. A wide base of ROR facilitates grouting and one by one sliding of trays. ROR does not allow overturning even when partially imbalanced loads are kept. Precaution has to be taken that capacity of each tray and shelf does not exceed its specified limit.