Shrouded Conductor System

7 Ductors

Shrouded Conductor System 7 Ductor
  1. The ideal conductor system for cranes, conveyors, automated ware-houses and many other applications.
  2. Current capacity of conductors: 35, 50, 80, 125, 160A and higher.
  3. Conductor housing for 7 uninterrupted conductors.
  4. Adjustable to almost all heights
  5. Flexible sealing against dust, moisture and corrosion
  6. Superb high travel speeds possible Particularly suitable for transmission of control and data signals.
  7. Virtually maintenance free

Compact, reliable and safe power supply for cranes, hoisting equipment, warehouse equipment, overhead conveyor tracks. etc.


  1. Optimum transmission of control and data signals. Because of the continuous copper conductors combined with the constant and efficient contact between carbon brushes and flat copper conductors.

    7 ductor is ideally suited and proven for both control and data signal transmission e.g. very important for automated/computerised ware house systems.

  2. Dust, humidity and corrosion protection. For these conditions the 7 ductor housing can be totally closed by the use of special flexible sealing strips.

  3. No expansion problems. Due to the clearance that exists between the conductors and their location and the clearance between the PVC housing and sliding hangers, expansion due to changes in ambient temperature is accommodated without affecting the operation of the system. This also applies to extra long installations where standard components eliminate expansion problems often experienced with alternative systems.
  1. Indoor and outdoor installation. 7 ductor can be installed both indoors and outdoors under widely varying weather conditions.

  2. Track lengths unlimited. Extremely long track lengths are possible when required either indoors! outdoors, by utilizing the expansion joint, which still incorporates continuous copper conductors.

  3. High travel speeds. Standard up to 250 meter/ minute. Higher speeds on request.

  4. High current capacity. Copper conductors with a variation of sections can be pulled into the channels in the housing. Standard up to 320 A. For higher ratings please consult the sales office.

  5. 7 ductor installations. Systems up to 7 conductors are available as standard and by parallel mounting of systems practically all circumstances, particularly control systems, can be catered for, where the continuous conductors again are of particular importance.