Shrouded Conductor System


Shrouded Conductor System 7 Ductor
  1. Ski-Ductor

  2. The ideal flat conductor system for automated

  3. ware houses and many other applications. Current capacity 50A, 80A, 125A, 160A, 200A and higher.

  4. Housing for 7 uniterrupted conductors. Adjustable to almost all heights.

  5. Self-correcting collector trolleys without pantograph arms.

  6. High travel speeds.

  7. Particularly suitable for transmission of control and data signals.

  8. Low maintenance.

The ski-ductor system is specifically designed for heavy- duty tasks such as those performed in automated ware houses.

The most important details are mentioned below.

7 copper channels
Due to the clearance between the conductors and their location, the copper channels offer sufficient room for 2 up to 7 uninterrupted, loose spaced conductors. As required, without plug connectors.

No expansion problems and ideally suited for both control and data signal transmission.

5 different types of copper conductors
The flat copper conductors are available for current capacities upto 50 A, 80A, 125A, 160A, and 200A. With parallel-mounted systems the maximum current capacity is 400A.

Chute for conductor-wheels
The perfect mechanical conduction enhances the life span of the trolleys and brushes. It also ensures optimal transmission of line and control voltage.

Feed and control in a single housing
Feed and control strips are safely separated from one another by the earth conductor.