Cranes H.O.T.


The crane is designed and manufactured in accordance to IS 3177 / IS 807. Design of the crane structure as well as components/parts of the cranes are confirmed to class - I duty of the above codes.


It is as per IS 807 / IS 3177 / IS 800. These are standard I beams of M.S. rolled steel sections bolted to end carriages.

End Carriages:

Box type in construction & fabricated from rolled sections.

L. T. Wheels:

Two nos. straight tread type, En8 forged steel, double flanged LT wheels are provided in each of the two end carriages. These wheels are supported on steel axles. For underslung cranes S.G.I tapered type single flanged wheels are provided.


Made from En9, heat treated carbon alloy steel.

L.T. Wheel Gears:

They are as per IS 4460, made from EN8 and are supported on ball bearings.

L.T. Wheel Bearings:

Heavy duty sealed ball bearings are used thus regular lubrication is eliminated. Two ball bearings are provided in each wheel for smooth running.


It is as per IS I 5560. Made from forged steel - C20, C30 or equivalent. It is collar or shank type in construction with safety latch.


IN DEE brand Chain pulley block.

The block is as per IS 3832 with triple spur gear and friction disc brake (self actuating type construction). Load chain wheel is made of heavy duty S.G.I casting with accurately cast chain pockets. Load chain wheel is mounted on two ball bearings for smooth operation. Bottom block is made of heavy duty malleable casting. Each block is tested to 50% over load.

For other details refer CPB catalogue.

Load Chain:

Grade 80 alloy steel as per 156216.

Hand chain

Grade 30 MS. chain as per IS 2429,