General Discard Criteria : Crane Wire Ropes

  • Rope diameter reduction> 7% of NRD, only due to external wear.

  • Rope diameter reduction> 3% of NRD for rotation resistant ropes and > 10% for other ropes due to reasons other than external wear.

  • For single layer (6 and 8 strands) and parallel closed ropes if number of visible broken wires exceed 4% of total load bearing in all outer stands of the rope, over a length of 6d or 8% in 30d

  • For rotation resistant ropes if number of visible broken wires exceed 2 over a length of 6d or 4 in 30d.

  • Concentrated close group of broken wires in a length of 6d or in one strand.

  • Wire break in the strand valley indicate internal rope deterioration requiring closer inspection of the rope, 2 or more valley breaks in the 6 x d requires discard.

  • Broken wires adjacent to, the termination, requires the termination to be remade by shortening the rope otherwise the rope shall be discarded.

  • Localized distortion, damage crushing, kink, loop, birdcage formation.

  • Localized core or stand protrusion

  • Localized rope diameter reduction or lay variation associated with waviness

  • Collapsed core or complete fracture of one strand

  • Sign of sever corrosion or pitting

  • Damage due to heat.


  • For discard of ropes other than crane wire ropes relevant codes/standard should be referred.

  • The rope should be examined by a competent person who should always refer relevant
    code/recommendation/ standard for deciding rope discard.